Questions On MID 706


Aug 6, 2010
I just purchased a new MID 706 (Model LY-706B). I noticed few issues with the functionality of the applications installed in the unit. Issues that I've discovered are:

1. Data Synvhronization - When you enable "Auto-Sync" function the unit will auto reboot by itself until WIFI connection is terminated.
2. Market place - You can view all the apps in the market place. However you will not be able to install the apps. The downloading status will run @ the background but in actual fact it does not do aything.
3. 3G functionality - There are only two option in the 3G network setting (HUAWEI E220 & VIA Modem). How does the unit detect the 3G network? Is there a way to auto detect 3G hardware when it got connect to the unit?
4. Is there a option to configure the sentivity of the screen?