Touchmate - MID 800 - Issues


Nov 15, 2011
I have the following technical issues:
  1. Skype Video Camera – I receive video but neither of the cameras are engaged. Other devices in the market function well with the 2.3.1 OS but not the MID 800. Even tried the Skype Patch file.
  2. Yahoo Video Chat – yahoo with its new plug-in update, both cameras work.
  3. I would like to know if connecting a BT head set will be useful for calls as the mic on board the tab has added “noise”.
  4. Does the BT on the Tablet have A2DP enabled?
  5. Updates to the 2.3.1 – I understand that updates run through Touchmate (from my conversation with Manik at Gitex), however this is surprising as android market open. Is it not?
This is a fairly new product in the market running Android 2.3.1 so unsure if Touchmate is even technically sound to provide the necessary tech support. Is there a better way to make the tablet work to its fullest capacity?
1. starting the tablet on recovery mode to run latest android 2.3.3 or above that best suite the system?
2. The tablet does not show a base band and I am not sure if this common for tablets without 3g in-built.

Please advice the best way out without rooting or bricking the device.