Reading comics on 7015


Mar 10, 2011
Hello all, I am new to the Coby Tablets. I decided to jump in and purchase the 7015 instead of waiting for the newer tablets. I think that may have been a mistake. I mainly wanted to be able to read natively my .cbr and .cbz comics on it. JJComics works well for my MyTouch 4G phone, but for some reason I am getting an error about unable to open the file on the Kyros. I would greatly appreciate any help trying to get it to run. I tried Droid Comic Viewer as well, same issue.

It is rooted, and has Clockwork recovery as well.

I did do a search but could not find anything relevant.

Thank you.
Comic reader mobi outperforms those two hands down. I have to turn cbr file to cbz using a cleaner. I just googled for it. Will look for the link and message it to you. Not sure if I'm allowed to link to another forum so I'll fo it that way.

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Thank you. I'll try that. I had hoped not to have to convert as most of my comics are .cbr but if it works, Its better than not being able to read them. Thanks.
I had the opposite problem. I found a few good readers for CBZ and CBR files but for the life of me I could not find a good place to download CBZ or CBR comics. I was able to find one file just to test the reader worked but I uninstalled because I couldn't find more.

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Hello again, I downloaded the cleaner and ran a lot of comics through it and it seemed to be working great... for about 2 days and then stopped... Just realized it now. I am at the hospital with my dad, its late, doctors take long, so I thought I would read comics as we waited... wrong, its corrupting half the page on every comic. I thought maybe they converted wrong so I checked one I had already read fine... it too was messed up. So now I'm getting either corrupted pages or the image could not be displayed. I've done what I could but I'm limited at the moment being in the ER but I factory restored, wiped caches etc. Any ideas, suggestions greatly appreciated.

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If you're looking for free viewer try Perfect Viewer. U had the same issues and perfect viewer worked the best and pretty customizable. I also think its better maintained then the other apps. Across the board, I think cbz work better then cbr.

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