Received New G yesterday

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Dec 9, 2010
So far I am very pleased with my G. I had an issue with wifi staying up long enough to download the update from Viewsonic. It finally worked about the third attempt. Be sure to not try anything else until download and install is complete!

After the update it has been fantastic. No more wireless problems, The market included in the update is not the Google market, but Handango. There are a number of apps including free apps like Adobe Reader.

Video is fast and gorgeous. View angle is limited, but I am not sure that is bad. Angry Birds and a soltaire game were both fast, responsive and worked well.

I haven't decided whether to leave it stock or put one of the available ROMs on it.
rayw796: It sure sounds like an awesome tablet. I'm happy it's working out well for you!

That is actually a tablet I'm thinking about purchasing in a few months.. I don't think it will disappoint :)
Can anyone tell me if there is a way to put the real market on this tab? I will be buying something before the end of the year and want both a 10" AND access to the market. I would greatly appreciate any feedback... this is a dealbreaker for me.
Go to forum .... scroll almost all the way down and look for viewsonic g tablet. There you will find everything that you need, from new rom, market and even a screen replacement.
I have found it easy to root and flash, an have full market running.
I would be very interested in someone's opinion on RayW's comment about the ROM addition. I am not a natural tekkie but seem to be able to read and follow directions. Perhaps a bit dangerous but cautious. It appears that RayW's comment is that with the current updates, it might NOT be necessary for me to root? I am anxiously awaiting my G's arrival and am trying to make certain I'm ready to rock n roll when it gets here.
You defitely need to root, but it is extremely easy to do on this tablet. The guide at XDA is great.
I rooted my G Tablet and installed TnT Lite 2.2. I printed out the guide from XDA. I just followed along and had no missteps at all. Everything works great including the Market. There are some items on my Droid I still can't find, but the majority were there. I believe anyone should be able to follow the guide at XDA.

One of the key things to remember is that /sdcard is the 16 GB internal memory and /sdcard2 is the actual external card.
Congrats Ray! Now that you flashed, you will never go back. Be sure to try other ROMs too, like VEGAn.
Thanks to all. I am so excited and can hardly wait till my G arrives. And to think I almost traveled to the land of Jobs for an I*%^. If it hadn't been for this forum I would probably have chickened out.
I went for it 2 weeks ago & flashed TnT lite - wow!! I am in love with this tablet now! Yes full market also! The only thing that confused me on the guide is that you need to use the mini-usb and connect to your computer. I created a folder on my computer, downloaded the 3 files I needed from the guide on xda to it. From there copy files to your tablet as instructed during guide. It was easy & I never did this before!

As for rooting, my understanding is the ROMs pretty much all come w/root now so you don't need to do yourself. Interested in trying another ROM now just for fun!! You will be even happier getting rid of that stock program and trying a different one.

Good luck!!!!
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