Recommend me an Android tablet


Sep 13, 2010
I've been lurking for a whole now and decided to bite the bullet and post to see what recommendations you have for me.

The only absolute requirements I have are that it have a ten-inch screen (I've seen how people hold 7-inch tablets and they just look too small, like giant phones) and that it be possible to load the Android Market and other Google Experience apps onto it - whether they're loaded onto it out-of-the-box or put onto it later by me is not important. I expect wifi connectivity and do not want 3G; Bluetooth and/or a frontfacing camera would be nice but are not completely essential.

My typical use consists of e-mail, instant messaging, IRC, watching videos both on Youtube (for which I have found the app on my Galaxy S eminently usable) and locally. I also read PDF documents, play retro (= SNES, Megadrive) games and talk to friends using VoIP services.

What tablet would best match these requirements? Please bear in mind that I am in the UK; thus, I will require international shipping for overseas vendors. PayPal support is a plus.


Jun 19, 2010
The only 10" screen right now is the Zenithink ZT-180. A couple more tablet will come out soon that have this screen size. However...I don't think that Android is curently optimized for 10". There are a few 7" tablets that look interesting. You can see a small comparison at http;//


Sep 17, 2010
I'd recommend waiting until at least November (Samsung Galaxy looks like a winner). I also advise you, from experience, to beware of anything made by Archos. I had a 5IT and had nothing but trouble with it. Their customer service is terrible and they drop support without notice.

Another suggestion, when you do buy, buy from and if you can use an American Express card. has amazing customer service and Amex will give you added protection. I returned my useless Archos after five months of misery. Amazon understood and took it back.