Replacement Charger


Nov 22, 2010
Okay, so my tablet uses a 5V 2000mA charger (atleast that's what it was shipped with). But I thought the charger was crap, so I opted for another.

I got a replacement on eBay that was LISTED as 5V 2000mA, but what I really got is a 5V 700mA charger.

What I'm asking is, this is safe correct? Since the amperage isn't HIGHER than stock, it won't do any damage, correct? It'll just take longer to charge the device?

Do you think this charger will charge my tablet FULLY, or will it not?

Thanks for any help, my apologies if this is a dumb question.
It's safe to charge because it's 2A but it will take much, much longer to charge and you may find you will not be able to use the tablet and charge at the same time but that really depends on the charger itself. At best it will hold it's charge whilst you use it.
Remember a laptop will only charge the tablet at just under what your charger is showing so use that as a comparison.
Update: It seems to charge fully, although like I suspected takes a little longer of a time.

I bought ANOTHER charger on eBay, a TRUE 5V 2A. Coming in the mail. So now I have 3 chargers for this thing, haha.
Where did you see that charger?
I have seen one here on rated 10Watts 2A and that one is a double USB charger.
Well it's actually a Kindle Generation 1 charger. It's 5V 2A, and it has the same size pin to plug into the Gpad.

Look em up on eBay.