Researchers claim Amazon plans to stream movies to own branded tablets


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Mar 16, 2011


Amazon has plans to offer a streaming movie service tied to its forthcoming own-branded tablets, researchers at Detwiler Fenton claim. According to the research team, Amazon’s streaming movie service will be available to early adopters of Amazon’s tablet for free. The revelation seems obvious, but the Boston-based research firm’s claim could be the first well-sourced confirmation of the service, reports of which were purely speculative until now. It is also believed that Amazon’s tablets will feature deep integration with Amazon’s Cloud Locker streaming music service, and the Amazon Appstore will likely be a point of focus as well. BGR exclusively reported last month that Amazon is working on a pair of tablets the dual core "Coyote" and quad core "Hollywood" that will give the company new revenue streams to compliment its dedicated Kindle eReaders.

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Jun 5, 2011
This is exactly what I was talking about. The industry will try and lock you into there offerings through there individual devices. Making it hard for the user to pick and choose what he wants. Depending on what tablet or device you buy.. You see this with what there doing with the Nook Color as just one example. You will see them all give it a try. There all starting there own streaming services. From best buy to amazon, SamSung and everyone in the middle.. The fight is just starting..

It gets back to what I was talking about with Sprint.. There recent upgrade to Gingerbread on there phones broke the Netflix software streaming on there phones.. Then they all try and act stupid knowing that the real deal, is the backroom deals there making. Sprint doesn't want Netflix on there phones. It cost them dollars for the throughput there users are using to stream the media.. This with the fact there loosing sales because your not streaming movies or media from theme.. Only thing that we can do is really hone in on the subject and educate the users. Weed in on the backroom deals and bring the subject to light for the general public.. Once they figure out that the consumer Wants/ Demands an open market and the only real answer for them is to offer quality in the content they bring to the customer with Honesty and pricing.. Tis in the end will be what ends up happening, but it will be a ruff few years for the consumer till it gets there.. Wake up people tell them what you want by voting with your dollar..

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Mar 26, 2011
I agree Mark with your observations. Still, as tablets become more and more alike from a hardware stand point it appears the only other option for vendors are services. So, in order to be successful in tomorrows tablet business model you need sell a product to a customer and convince them they need you to support it. Next vendors will be placing full proof locks on systems stopping you from going elsewhere. Didn't Apple do this with their hardware and iTunes? It's sad. All of this flies in the face of the Android open source platform. IMHO this will turn into a Sampson and Goliath story.