Rockchip 2808 o2 3G Dongle


Oct 6, 2010
Hey, i recently bought a Rockchip 2808 Dual Core Android Tablet PC with 720p HDMI out WI-FI and 3G from Amazon ( Rockchip 2808 Dual Core Android Tablet PC with 720p HDMI out WI-FI and 3G: Computers & Accessories ) one of the main reasons i bought it was because the description said "WI- FI and 3G data connections" i then went and purchased a o2 Mobile Broadband MF100 Dongle, pay & go. When i insert the dongle in the usb slot on my Tablet:
1. The Dongle light turns red
2. Then i receive a notification saying "Damaged USBMassStorage"
3. then the dongle light turns green
Obviously im new to Android so can anyone help
Thanks , Harry :)


May 3, 2010
Unfortunately, as I recently replied in another thread, I'm yet to hear one single success story with Chinese tablets and USB modems.
These tablets are mainly made for the "local" Chinese market, and are rumored to work with Chinese USB modems, but that doesn't do us much good here in the western world, even if it's true.
Your best bet is to get a MiFi (basically a wifi router that gets its internet connection over 3G) and connect to that using the tablets wifi connection.
Adding insult to injury, most 3G modems appear to the host as USB memory sticks to install the needed drivers - for Windows hosts, and Mac if you're lucky. The driver, once installed, switches the modem to modem mode. Without this driver and the mode switching it does, the host will continue to see it as a memory stick.
So, in short - Unless you're very talented when it comes to tweaking and configuring Android (more so than any other Android tablet owner out there) - Forget it.