[ROM] Smartbook Surfer Firmware Updates - Smartbook.de

hmm...??? 1016 and 1125 are same?
kernel is not new (Sep 21 #205) and system build date is same as Surfer_OS_Update_30082010.rar (ro.build.date=Fri Aug 27 20:28:30 CST 2010)
Yes i think that 1016 and 1125 are exactly the same.
By the way do you know how to get kernel config from a running kernel on smartbook ?
There is no config.gz file in /proc. And i am not able to extract the config with extract-ikconfig script.
can anybody please give me an firmware for smartbook surfer 7" with android 2.1 or better 2.3.5, on my box says that can be updated on 2.3.5
thank you