Rooted NC questions?


Nov 13, 2011
I have a rooted NC with a CM7 Sd Card, tried to just root the NC but I guess I am just not smart enough to do that. GGG!

I have been reading on here about using the camera? I can not find this on my Nook.

Also I think I probably should put a virus protection on here, which would anyone recommend?

Which is the best program to read with. What I have been using it Nook PDF, but everytime I go back I have to reset the size and orientation of the page. Any other good ones out there? How do I delete all the old listings of my read books. I don't keep books on the Nook, and when I get done reading them I do take them off but the names are still listed.
I use Calibre on my desktop for my books but have been unable to plug my Nook into my desktop and put books into it while Calibre is open. I have to find the books I want to read, put them into a folder on my desktop, close Calibre then plug my NC into my desktop and open the sd card and put the books into a folder on the card.
Is there anyway for me to make a folder on my screen? I would like to be able to put in all of my games into one folder.

I know I have more questions but my mind just went blank. Would appreciate any and all help with anything.

Thank you for you answers and help.