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Feb 18, 2011
Background: This may be my first post, but I have been lurking here for a couple weeks. (Great site with very helpful members BTW.) I have read the sticky's and many posts and twice through how to root. I am computer literate and know just enough Java to be dangerous. I have been using a droid x for 6 months, which is why I bought my wife a Nook Color.

I would like to root the nook. She will use it mainly for games, reading library books (maybe buy a cookbook or magazine subscription), and some web surfing (tv episodes, youtube, etc.)

1. Her NC is currently on 1.0.1, so I assume it would be best to use auto nooter 2.12.25 rather than starting from 1.0 or 1.1.

2. What sd card should I use? As my wife won't be buying a ton of books, I feel a 32gb card is overkill. But I do plan on using the card for root then NC storage. Is an sdhc card alright? How important will the speed of the card be (later on)? Should I go to Walmart or Best Buy? I will probably get a usb reader with the sd card.

3. Is there any last advice before rooting? Any steps that might trip me up?

I am sure I will have other questions after my NC root, like which media player to use or which games...
But for now, thank you for this forum. It has helped me immensely.
1. yes, 2.12.25 would be might want to consider installing CWR after rooting to avoid the B&N OTA 1.1 update (CWR or Clockwork Recovery will block the update from coming through)

2. You want to give yourself some room to grow, I would suggest at least a 4gb sd card (not only for books,etc, but for storage of backups, and other files) You can purchase an 8gb micro sd for under $20. For general use (rooting, basic storage) a Class 2 is sufficient, but I would try to get at least a class 4 or class 6. Where you purchase it from is your own personal choice...I order all my stuff off newegg, just for greater selection. If you don't have a card reader, you will need one.

3. Advice? Take it need to rush any of the steps. Make sure your battery has a good charge. Don't panic if it doesn't go perfect. All of us here are more than willing to help you through the process, and it doesn't take long.

You'll do just fine...right before you start the rooting, read through the instructions again
The root's effects are pretty subtle, so don't over complicate things. I had rooted my NC like 10 times before Vic here told me to look under 'Extras' for the rooted apps. So check there first.

Otherwise, it's all real simple.

a 4 or 8gb SDHC card will be fine. I took my 8gb card from my Nook 1 and put it in my NC.
Welcome friend. Update to 1.1 via CWR and you'll be fine. I found out the hard way. No matter what you do there are step by step instructions on how to revert to stock on the forums.
@OP - I suggest you to root now [i.e. on 1.0.1] and then install pre rooted 1.1. Because people reporting issues with Auto Nooter 3.
Thanks all. I will pick up a card and reader tomorrow. I will let y'all know how it goes.

And yes, I was following the thread that ended with you rerooting and checking your extras file. It made me wonder what I will screw up.

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Don't worry ! There are very less chances of bricking up your NC. Just read the instructions carefully, twice ! and feel free to ask any doubts if you have.
Going to get sd card now. Hoping to find Transend class 6 8gb or close.

Should I reregister my NC with B&N using the same gmail account I used for my DroidX, reregister with new gmail account, or keep B&N with my yahoo email?

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Register with a gmail account. Which one makes no difference and is up to you.

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OK, I went to reset my NC account and clear my NC. Somehow it is now using version 1.1.0. Should I use autonooter 3.0 or somehow (you will have to show me or give me a link) go back to 1.0.1?

Also, I could not find a good sd card in town. Should I try to root using a cheap 2gb, pull a decent 4gb class 4 out of phone and use it, or wait a few days until my Transend 8gb class 6 comes in the mail?
I was concerned with the ADB and CWR issues. It is for my wife, and I would like it to be quirk free. I guess I could try it, and if it is not what I want I will just start over.
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