rooting kyros 7015


Dec 30, 2010
What are the advantages of rooting the device , is the google market place the only advantage, and if thats the case can't you just find pretty much any .apk for the apps you want online somewere. Im totally new to the whole android thing...

and side note whats the best media player that works on the kryos, or do you guys just use the default one it came with, i was having a prob with that one it came with not finding the media i had put on the nand, it would just say please wait... so i did a factory restore now it works again with same media i was trying to use before, lost all the stuff i had put on but any how easy enough to put back on , still learning about this thing so any help about advatages and disadvantages with rooting, will i still be able to do a factory restore if i want and what state will it put it back into.



Senior Member
Dec 28, 2010
Google market and clockworkmod recovery are the two main reasons. Also, if you have some knowledge you can help with things like making ninjamorph work and other advanced stuff... Also, adfree android requires root access.