[Rumor] Google Nexus Tablet May Be Coming As Early As June or July


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Jan 5, 2011

Over the past few months we have heard various rumors of a mythical Google Nexus tablet device, and Google's plan to bring that to fruition sometime this year. Other rumors have even pegged the first Google Nexus tablet device to be built by Asus. This newest rumor, from DigiTimes, not only seems to confirm both of these rumors, but even suggests that the tablet could be ready as early as next month, and will ship out in July. Here's a quote from the DigiTimes article sharing the details,

Google's 7-inch tablet PC, which the company co-developed with Asustek computer, is set to start shipping in June with initial shipments to reach about 600,000 units. The machine will be officially released in the market in July, according to sources from the upstream supply chain. However, Asustek has declined to comment.

Google originally planned to release its entry-level 7-inch tablet PC in May, but design and costs did not reach its expectations, and the product was delayed to July for some minor adjustments.

The 7-inch tablet PC is expected to achieve total shipments of 2-2.5 million units in 2012.

Further speculation from sources in the industry suggest that the "Nexus Prime" name we heard bandied about for the Galaxy Nexus last year was actually the name for this first Google Nexus tablet. That does seem to fit, considering it was Asus that came out with the Transformer Prime. Of course, these are just additional rumors at this point, but perhaps we will know something concrete in just a few weeks.

Who else is excited by the prospect of an Asus/Google Nexus Prime tablet?

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Source: NexusTablets.net via TalkAndroid