Running Out of RAM Issue


Feb 6, 2014
I have been having RAM problems with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 and only has 1GB of ram before it ran very fast and no lags and had about over 20% to 50% most of the time in my RAM booster app.

But now most of the time it is always around 10% less than free 100 MB of 1GB of RAM and it is always laggy and buggy and every time i go out of a app i have to WAIT to for the home sceens to reload again and i never had this problem before.

It is fast when i restart the tablet and get back to normal but i don't really want to do that every time.

I have been uninstalling apps and have about 1.2GB of storage space but that don 't make a diffrence.

When i do a full RAM boost it only goes up to about 15/18% and after it goes down very fast and i have tried task killers but i don't know if they are working or not.

This is getting very annoying and i need to get this RAM issue fixed and get it back to normal and the factory reset is not a option as i can't bothered to install all of the apps again.!!

Can someone help me please? Will installing a launcher fix the RAM issue? What is the best RAM booster?
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Dec 27, 2011
On Android, RAM boosters and task killers are mostly a waste of time and effort. You may have one app that isn't working properly and that one app could be the whole problem. You also could have some bad cache, (more likely), and in that case I have an app that may help if you use all the options available. Clean Master