Tablet is running slow, restarts under pressure (which is constantly)


Dec 8, 2011
EDIT: Left tablet running for about 30 mins and it appears as though its sorted out whatever was wrong, maybe a background app was taking up a ton of resources? Anyway the CPU is 70% idle when I'm on the home menu, and I have 180MB of RAM spare, so it seems fine now.


I got a tablet (Ployer Momo9) in the post yesterday morning.

It came with a Chinese firmware on, which kept constantly crashing and freezing the tablet, as well as taking up always over 300MB of RAM, so after reading for about 3 hours, I removed the Chinese firmware and flashed some American firmware onto it. The RAM usage is down to about 130MB and the crashes stopped entirely.

Been playing Angry Birds, Freeciv, OTTD, Raging Thunder, Death Racing, Paradise Island, all worked perfectly fine, no crashing at all, even did some net browsing, ebuddy and Minecraft, was doing this for about 5 hours fine.

This morning I booted it up and downloaded a few more apps from the Play Store, again, loaded up fast, no crashes or anything.

This afternoon I booted it up, worked fine, then I tried to boot OTTD... the game froze after the initial 'SDL' logo, the tablet restarted, and ever since, the tablet is constantly freezing, upon bootup, it takes about 2 minutes for the tablet to analyze the SD card, which makes it barely usable during that time, and afterwards, doing any intensive task such as booting Paradise Island or most other apps, just causes the tablet to force-stop the app, and sometimes just reset itself... The RAM usage is fine, as it always has been, I can only imagine the CPU is overloading for some reason and causing the tablet to crash...

Any help appreciated, thanks. :)


1.2GHZ AllWinner A10
512MB DDR2 RAM (128MB to GPU apparently)
Mali 400 GPU
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