Samsung Galaxy Tab2 - Flash Drive Query


Aug 4, 2013

I have the Galaxy Tab 2 Tablet from Samsung , I recently bought a 64GB Flash Drive USB stick and put some various files onto it.

I then purchased one of those USB OTG cables , inserted the cable which my Tablet found straight away , but when I put the Flash drive in it said something about power current needing external power? or something simalier , I replaced the 64GB with one that was 2GB and it fired the files up immediately.

If the Tab 2 can't read 64GB sticks then what is the maximum it will read and be able to use?

Can't find anywhere on the Web which gives a definitive answer , I bought it really to take on holiday with the Tablet so I could play what i load onto it.

Would a 32GB be readable? and if so why can't it read 64GB anyhow?

Many thanks for any and all replies.



Senior Member
Dec 27, 2011
I don't know why you got that message. It sounds as if the flash drive might even be defective, as if your tab wasn't providing enough power. Haven't heard of that before. 64GB should have worked. Maybe try formatting it (NTFS) in a PC first.