Trying To Connect CD/DVD Drive To Tablet


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Jan 13, 2017
Hi all-

Got an MP3 player for Christmas, and would like to put my CDs onto it. A few years ago when my laptop didn't have a CD drive, I bought an external CD driver and hooked it up with a USB cord.

Currently I have a RCA Viking Pro Android tablet running on Windows 10. Bought an external Memorex CD drive to rip my songs onto, so then I can put them onto the MP3 player. The Memorex CD drive came with a split USB cable (in case extra power is needed) and an installation disk. When I plugged one and/or both USBs into my tablet, it powers up the CD drive, but it won't connect or show anything on my tablet. The people at Microcenter suggested I purchase a USB OTG connector, but that doesn't seem to do anything either.

I've even tried to download the drivers online, as ".exe" files, but my tablet says that it can't open them.

Anything I'm missing here? I've seen a few websites that you can download MP3s off of, but they all seem super sketchy and full of pop-up ads, and since I love the music in my CD collection, it would be so much easier if I can figure this out!

Thanks so much


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Jun 16, 2012
Android doesn't support optical drives, so what you want to do cannot be done. A PC is required.