screen protector over Rain-X?


Dec 21, 2011
Hello everyone,

After trying the Rain-X screen treatment for awhile, I am not so happy with fingerprints and reflections in my LePan I ordered some screen protectors (Crystal Clear, anti-reflection/anti-fingerprints from eBay)...they have not arrived yet, but it hit me yesterday: will I be able to install this over Rain-X? or should I try to remove the Rain-X from the screen (and most importantly, how would i do that without damaging the screen)....I know Rain-X is still on after about 2 weeks now because the screen is still like satin vs glass only touch wise...

Any suggestions/hints would be appreciated... Thanks!

(oh and regarding the screen protectors I ordered, I am unsure about how they hold in place...the vendor only stated that they are re-positionable, bubble free 100% and won't leave any residue if taken off)...
I don't think it would be a problem putting it over the Rain-X. If you decide to remove it, rubbing (Isopropyl) alcohol will take it right off. You should be able get it at any drugstore.