Second edition with First edition root and image - review.


Dec 28, 2010
So I have in front of me a second edition Gentouch. I ran the step by step custom root and image process, and it seems to be more functional but still slow and a terrible screen. Instead of the auto flipping screen, I am using launcher pro and have it set to use the two of the LP menu buttons to flip the screen so that it's always on the right corner. I can see this device kind of being useful as an e-reader, kind of as a web browser, and kind of as a youtube/music player. Other than that, it's just to slow and clunky for its on good.

If you are thinking of getting an android to use as a tablet type device, i suggest going with a no contract or something similar android phone over this tablet. It has on one hand shown me that there are practical uses for an android tablet, however this is not the device I'd want to use as a primary everyday web connected device. I'd beat myself to death in frustration all day trying to click things. Yes, I did the screen calibration, but it's still the same crappy technology underneath (I forget the name of the screen type at the moment).

That is all.
I second that... it's good for a basic eReader, watching YouTube, listening to music, basic web browsing etc... Anything else... you should look else where. I will probably keep my Gentouch78... but I doubt i'll use it that much.
I agree also, but I don't understand why people keep complaining about this device (I have the second version it seems much was improved upon). It seems to do everything that it advertises.
The side of the box says
"The GENTOUCH Internet Tablet PC makes it easy to check mail, share photos, surf the internet and much more!
Downloads 100s of Apps from the App Store.
The environment benefits from eBooks! help to reduce millions of trees consumed each year from producing paper books. Help us create an eco-friendly reading for a better tomorrow!
also on another side of the box it says it plays videos-
I only see 7 claims to the ability of this device.
1 check email-yes it does that
2 share photos- yes
3 surf the internet-yep does that to
4 downloads from the App Store-yes technically. although I agree the default app store blows. I suggest installing slide market place or getting pirated apps from
5 ebooks -yes it does that too
6 save the world from environmental evils of paper books-we will have to wait and see
7 plays videos-certainly

The default apps suck beyond description but, so do the default apps in Windows(Internet Explorer anyone?) That is what google is for. It is not fair to keep comparing it to an IPAD. I mean does anyone really expect to get a comparable experience out of a $150 device.
swatpup102 does make a good point in regards to the responsiveness of the tablet. From my experience the tablet is very sluggish... especially for a 800Mhz processor. It responds very slow for me, even when no applications are running.
Had mine about a week, rooted it and use LauncherPro, FBReader, SystemPanel, RootExplorer, ASTRO File Manager, and Rockplayer.
I kill all the apps running in the background and turned off the animations and live wallpapers. It seems to be a lot more responsive now. I have played
Angry Birds Seasons without any problems. The processor is clocked at 600Mhz not 800Mhz.
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