Seeking To Control Tablet Though Not Always On Connection


Nov 1, 2018
Short story:
Tablet in the field, no wired internet available. I want to be able to “call it” and then control it, even just something like TeamViewer. Guessing I need auto answer connection app, remote control app, then similar on controlling device.

Long story:
Hardware side is pretty simple. I am using a Wi-Fi only tablet running android 4.4. It’s likely I’ll have a newer tablet with 7.1 or 8.1 though (I am not against investing in a newer tablet with newer software. I might get one that has 3G/4G connectivity).

With either the current tablet or, if the replacement does not have 3G/4G, I will be using a wireless hotspot. The tablet will be connected to a camera, some switches, and more. The tablet will have control of the switches, turning the camera on and off, viewing the camera, and more. This part seems to be all set (or at least I think it is).

On the other end, I have an iPhone, Windows computer, or anything else connected to the Internet.

I am familiar with Skype, TeamViewer, VNC. Maybe some others. Here is what I am trying to do:

I wish to call, or Skype, or otherwise create a connection between my phone or computer (prefer phone) and the tablet and be able to control the tablet. I will have a very limited data plan for the tablet or for the hotspot (About 200 megs per month). I believe that if I use TeamViewer, it will continue to connect / transmit all the time. I don’t know what kind of data that would use up. As I am typing this I figure I will send an email to their support department to ask. Team viewer, though, would at least let me control the screen.

I am not that familiar with using data devices as telephones. I don’t know if calling it would do anything or if it really only matters that it is connected to the Internet.

So, I’m looking for ideas, free or inexpensive apps, and some suggestions that will allow me to connect over the Internet and have control over the other device.

Thank you

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