Sending images via e-mail


Feb 8, 2011
I just got the Kyros 7015 and will use it to send digital pix from my SD card. What's the best way to do this?

There did not seem to be a way via the e-mail app. I set up the single (!) e-mail account for gmail but it doesn't include the option for attachments.

Next, I tried gmail within the browser. Doesn't allow attachments.

I can select an SD card image from the Gallery and share it singly. Is there a way to select multiple images and share them in a single e-mail?
I've been trying to upload files to my photo page of my server. I was stuck at "Uploads Disabled". I finally installed Opera 10.1 for Android 1.6+. Now I can up load those photos using the Opera browser.
Opera Mini & Opera Mobile
Thanks for the suggestion. I came up with an easier method than e-mail by downloading PixelPipe and using it to upload photos to an online gallery. Still does only one at a time but at least I can see the progress. Built-in Gallery app allows "share" but has terrible UI and no progress bar.
I have a photo gallery on my web site that runs on CopperMine. On the host I set it to allow 10 uploads at a time. I log in with a user name and password. Using Opera I can upload ten photos each send. I have to choose them one at a time, I cannot upload then as a folder or a [Ctrl]+A selection.

I did have a look at PixelPipe Lite on AppsLib. It required an account so I only waded around in the license, maybe the longest I've seen. Is it a photo hosting like Picasa or just a connect to your site or both? I don't see myself using it. I'm just curious.
Download astro file manager and k9 mail then you will be able to email multiple pictures

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