Setting wallpaper to fit screen


Apr 25, 2012
Hi all

This is bugging me, I thought it'd be easy. I want to put a custom wallpaper on my Motorola Xoom / Android 4.0.2 WiFi. I've made a bunch of images at 1280x800, the screens resolution, but every time I select one to 'Set as Wallpaper' I get asked to crop it. The crop box won't go to the edge of the screen, and what eventually turns up as wallpaper is tiny.

Do I need to make the images a different size, to account for the status bar? Or make them over-large, or use an app to do the setting for me. I tried 'Crop Wallpaper' from the Play Store, but it ends up doing the same thing (as its name suggests, I guess). I'm hoping this's one of those easy things when you know how.

OK, so to answer my own question.

We need a wide image that covers all the homescreens, it isn't just repeated on each of them. The Xoom screen is a standard 1280 x 800 WXGA and has 5 home screens, so a wallpaper needs to be (5 x 1280) x 800. I've found that IrfanView is spectacularly good at this; I'd imagine most people already have it installed, and it has a tool under Image | Create Panorama that easily aligns single images then produces a single large image. The How-Tos I saw for software like Corel Paintshop were all using the method of 'paste it in as a selection, the align it by hand...'

Using IrfanView there could obviously be different images for each homescreen, too. It is so easy, and it's free. 10/10 IrfanView

The stock wallpapers for the HC/ICS tablets to include scrolling are 1920 x 1408.

Typically, I just use a static image (1200x800) on my home screen. I have found 2 ways to set it. First way, using QuickPic, hit the menu button (three stacked boxes in the top right) and choose SET AS - WALLPAPER. This will do it without cropping, and no scrolling.

Second way is to use MultiPicture Live Wallpaper. With this, you can set a different wallpaper for each of your 5 home screens if you wish.
Why that odd resolution, 1920 x 1408? I'll give it a go, because I'm not very happy with what I've done. Swiping from one screen to another is now slow and jerky, not at all pleasing. I thought ICS had become a lot smoother in that regard. Thanks, I'll try the apps you mentioned.
Heres what works (not sure about HD resolutions like new ipad or infinity) for me. Take your resolution 1280 by 800, find images that are doubled 2400 by 1600 and upload them. Then do a full crop (spread the crop grip as large as it will go) and set wallpaper. Try it.
i've been able to find some images that i wanna put up as wallpapers, but everytime i do the Crop tool only gets a little bit of it and i can't get the full image onto my wallpaper, so i take it into a Photo Editing program to see what i can do, i upload the image and just when i think i have it right, it STILL won't Fit. what do i Do?

Thanks for the Help.

ps. i have somewhat of an idea to make the Image bigger, but to make the MAIN image Smaller in the Middle of the Screen, just to be sure. do you think that would help?