Should I buy a tablet?


Dec 12, 2010
Hello all,

I have a question regarding the functionality of a tablet (with Android or Dualboot with W7).
I’m a law student and I basically will use the tablet as a sort of replacement for my regular notepad.

What I’m seeing is a product which allows me to write notes by hand and or keyboard but also allows me to use the keyboard and draw if that is necessary. I also like the idea that my handwritten notes will be converted to typed tekst as I write a real sentence and not via the technique known from the Palm devices (per letter in the box etc.)

I already did some research for the use of the programs but I can’t see the functions and or layout so I don’t really know (Mindmap something, Evernote).

In addition to the use, is it possible to forward calls with bluetooth (or another technique) from the phones to the tablet so that I can use the tablet as a main callcenter where my phones will be connected to and make and receive phone calls via a bluetooth headset?

At the moment I use my notepad for everything; taking notes, make mindmaps, create blueprints for assignments. I think you probably have an idea how I use it. For my todo’s and management I use pocket informant on my phone (which is also available for android), this is also my agenda, contactslist and I basically track everything down to this.

As for the internet, I just use it for e-mail and basic things. I do have Facebook but I don’t care for the internet social networking so that is not important for me to focus on.

Although the current setup does work great, I wanted to buy a new phone (htc Desire HD) but for the same money you can get a tablet, so that is why I’m wondering.
I hope somebody can give a clear view regarding my expectations and if it is advised to buy one in my situation.

Maybe this all a bit unrealistic but I really don’t know what I can expect from a tablet. Can you maybe also describe why and how you use the tablet in your daily life?

Thank you very much for reading and if you decide to answer, thank you even more :D

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For what you need to do I wouldn't recommend buying a tablet the best idea for you the best idea might be getting an android phone like you mentioned

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Thank you very much for your answer! :D

I also did some research and you are probably right. The battery and all the other factors do not compare to regular paper but I think I will pick up a tablet in the beginning of 2011, just for fun :D.
That looks kinda awesome!

I was also looking at the Huawei s7 but i'm trying to find more info but no luck just yet. Anyways, going to look for more info about this one, thanks! :D