Skype on my Android Tablet


Nov 15, 2011
Hi all,

I recently bought a tablet running gingerbread from Touchmate and have one startling issue with my skype app. I am able to see the other person on chat but, my camera does not initiation at all. The video box (front camera or rear camera) is blank on my screen and I dont know how to fix this. The front camera works otherwise and skype video has been enabled on the settings as well.

I do understand that this device from Touchmate model MID 800 has not been tested for skype, however if I can see other person's camera, why not the other person see me?

I have run this by the manufacturer and their tech team. Their response was even more absurd that the gingerbread does not support video calling on skype, when Samsung S2 in reality supports video calling which also runs the gingerbread.

Second test of the camera on yahoo video chat returns in the rear camera being engaged on a video chat enabling both ppl to see each other.

Any tips to make this work is much apopreciated.