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Sep 22, 2014
Hello everyone , we are two developers , we wanted to make you know our Application for Android Phones .
Success is never to forget the phone at home ? and he needed a number from your phonebook ?.
Boomerang SMS sends you the phone number of a contact in the phonebook .
Sends you the list of missed calls.
Off the vibration and raises the maximum volue in case your wife or your family member has the ring off.

How do I configure?
Install Boomerang SMS on your phone and set a password at least 5 characters. Got it !!
Note:Don't need to install it on the other phone

List of commands (given by another phone):

1) name_to_find password
Sends you the number of a contact in the address book (The research will also work with a part of the name)

2) -c password
We'll send the list of missed calls

3) -m password
Send you of unread SMS

4) -v password
Turn off the vibration and turn up the volume to maximum (Useful when you do not find the phone)

5) -b password
Informs you of the status of the battery

6) -w password
Turn on the WIFI

7) -h password
Turn off the WIFI

8) -g password
Finds Your Phone (with GPS and Network)

9) -d password
Enable Data Connection

10) -e password
Disable Data Connection

11) help password
(Function GUIDE) will be a list of commands

NB: you always put a space before the password

There is still no clear ??
We do a few examples:

Ex.1: I have to look up the number of Andrea and the password is saved misticus
SMS to send: Andrea misticus

Ex.2: I have to look up the number of Marco Rossi and the password is saved misticus
SMS to be sent: Marco Rossi misticus

Ex.3: I need to find the last missed call on your phone and your password is saved misticus:
SMS to be sent: c misticus

Ex.4: I have to find him on the phone last unread messages and the password is saved misticus
SMS to send: -m misticus

Ex.5: I can not find the phone in the house because the ringtone is low
SMS to send: -v misticus

Ex.6:I've lost my phone.
SMS to send: -g misticus

Since we are now on whatsapp to the following number +393924605186, through this channel will respond in real time to all your questions.
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