Some Help regarding Fake MID 710 Android 1.6


Jun 4, 2011
Hello I have been given a wired device MID 710 Android 1.6 in an apple case.
The bloody thing won't work first it freezes on loading page with the android robot.
2nd thing i can't contact to the net by wireless even if it picks it up in the available server page.
and last thing the pages keep flipping back to the home page. any suggestions please I'm about to bin it and get an I Pad i know i said it I Pad sorry $IMG_3790.jpg$back of MID 710 (2).JPG
1. If it freezes on the loading page, try to shut it off by holding the power button for about 15 seconds. And then reset it. Usaually there's a reset button or hole on the tablet.
2. Does your wifi pick up any signals at all? If it can't, you need to set your static IP.
3. Maybe you accidentally touched the homepage button or back button of the web browser without any notice. Try it again and get your hands off the tablet, see if it happens again.
thanks ArmyPad so does this look like one you have come across i don't want to seem stupid but how and where will i get this firmware and do you have instrutions on how to install it