Some Useful info

Richardo Crispus

Staff member
Dec 9, 2010
Ok, i've been using my FT2 for a few days for studying etc and have found out some stuff I think people may find useful.

In my experience

The FT2 can support up to 2 Flash drives. Any more just don't get "seen" by the OS.
It does support USB hubs so you can use 2 flash drives and a keyboard. Though I have noticed that you can only have on flash drive per USB on the device.

Useful Apps
Documents to go for word/powerpoint/excel
ASTRO for exploring files etc (btw all flashdrives etc show up in media\ )
Android System info (For obvious reasons)
BatteryLife for showing the % battery on the homepage
CPUMonitorMini again obvious

If I find out anything else useful I'll be sure to post it here. Could you all do the same?