Speaker Problem


Nov 30, 2011
My friend's speakers don't work until I have something plugged half-way into the headphone jack. The headphones work fine, if I plug them in all the way. If I unplug them all the way then there is no sound. My friend assembles electronics, so she can probably fix it she knows exactly what to do. Vizio says it isn't covered under warranty.
Very strange. Sound like there is an issue with the headphone jack obviously. I wonder if there is a little debris in there jumping the conductors in the jack? Maybe try and clean it out?
i had this happen to me. i was putting in headphones and they worked but when i pulled them out the speakers would olny work unless the headphone jack was half in,i was using the right headphone jack size.contacted vizio they had me do everything even reboot the tablet to factory settings. but nothing,thankfully this happened under warrantyi was able to return it for a new one,mind ya i only had it for a month. i havent yet to put head phones in this one. i hope your friend has some store protection otherwise contact vizio they may be able to repair it,but your friend may have to send it to them.