Spreadsheet listing Kernal V's and Android V's on PDN's


Jan 18, 2011
Having spent several hours reading through thread after thread, and through most of the WIKI site I wonder why there is not a chart or spreadsheet out there strictly for Pandigital eReader devices that lists and ties together the various models, with their respective kernal versions, android versions, and other pertenant hardware/software information that is not found in settings>About eReader. This chart or spreadsheet could go even further and list the various firmware upgrades and perhaps (I don't like the word hack) the relative (to each model) 'software modifications' that have been created and made available here as well as elsewhere. This could perhaps be placed in the WIKI area. I would find this information a helpful guide as a newbie and think it could help speed up the learning curve.


Nov 25, 2010
I'd guess it is because no one has done it. Set up a thread to ask folks for the info you want and build the listing. Right now I think there is a lot of confusion as to what all is out there since the QVC items hit the market. Even the white unit has two different units and two different boards. Pandigital, however seems to be addressing that buy updating with the same file for both types.

Have to admit, it might be helpful to know the differences.

If you do it go for more than just kernal etc. ask about what works with what unit etc.

I would guess pandigital is going to clear up a lot of the problem with their new update system. It works nicely with the white unit. Updated two units this morning.