Site Idea for sorting through Android Tablets


Aug 7, 2011
Hi guys,
I'm on the hunt for a tablet and its daunting, but I'm getting there and partly thanks to this site.
I do however have an idea I would like to share. :eek:
It may not be practical and I'm sorry I'm not in a position to do it and contribute to the site. I know such work is WORK for someone, but here goes anyway.

I would like a table of devices to work from when hunting for a tablet.
Grouped by manufacture and dissected with perhaps 8 or more physical specs.
A basic example might look something like this list for DDWRT compatible routers.
Supported Devices - DD-WRT Wiki

I do see the current list on this site on the forums page and its what I'm looking at now but its not a check-box tool. I cant discriminate based on anything except brand and model.

I can see it would be hard to keep up and maintain so I would suggest that we users would bring the data (with a link or two for reference) for submission. Then perhaps a Mod would review it before submission.

It would need columns with info like:
Date first listed, Screen size, Shipped OS version, weight, USB (yes/no) , RAM size, Custom Roms (yes/no perhaps one example link or link to the custom ROM section), Screen Res, Battery power, ...... etc etc.. perhaps not every conceivable aspect would be listed but enough to help narrow things down. One link would be to the manufactures complete spec page, or best full spec found, and maybe a review or two.

The site has some sponsors so they would love to have all their devices listed. For them there could be other links too.

On click of the device name it could kick off a search of the forum and show threads of reviews, questions, issues.... from the forum so people can get an idea what people are saying about it (good, bad .. whatever).

As I said it would be us users who would bring much of the data when we find devices not listed. We fill out a form, submit it and after review its published in the list. We are all carrying around notes and links on specs already so why not put them in one place.
It could get really advanced and have filters for searching but that might be another level of work.

Perhaps there is nothing usable in this idea for this site but its what I'm looking for to help narrow down my search. Its what I would return to when looking to modify/hack or replace a tablet. It doesn't have to be 100% complete but if its close then it may quickly become THE LIST that everyone uses and refers to.

Anyway thats my 10 cents.

Like the site. Still need to figure out what to get though.


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