Standard intro... (noob)


Apr 12, 2012
Hello Linux, Android, and gadget nerds! (Nerd is a term of endearment, BTW) I'm writing this because it's just what you do when you join a community.

I'm new to the Android as a whole. I have used Macs since 92 and have a MacBook Pro I love but saw the writing on the wall when Google changed everything with the Android OS. I have tracked, watched, talked a lot of smack about Apple, and done everything but get an Android. I made the plunge (literally) after I went snorkeling with my iPaperweight in the gulf last week. (fate perhaps?)

Everything tech fascinates me but a programmer I am not. I'm in real estate but am into fixing, tinkering and building. I'm all about using technology to make anything and everything more productive, efficient, longer, better faster stronger. I'm big into marketing and have a VoiP reseller account for our business (I have a hot GF/partner) and also a hosting reseller account with Hostgator. We use Google Apps for business and I am starting to realize how much of an idiot I am for waiting this long to get Android devices. (duh)

My point? I'm here because we are looking to get a tablet. She wants an iPad to use for digital signatures and a paperless workflow. I laughed. I set up our systems, she uses them, and I need lots of help...with tablets too. :)

That being said, I'm a complete smart**s, which, isn't unusual here. I'll be around asking questions, contributing what I can and learning from those of you who have the programming nerd gene that I missed. (Mom & Dad suck for that)
Hello MykD, welcome to the forum. Nice of you to become a member of Android Tablets. To get started, I'd suggest you click this link to the Android Tablet Q&A section. Read the "Sticky:" threads at the beginning for some good general information about tablets and Android. When you're done there, the best place on the forum for "shopping" information and recommendations is the Android Tablet Discussions section. Look through the threads already there and ask whatever questions you might have about tablets. Have fun and enjoy the forum!