Feb 7, 2013
To any moderator reading: I promise this is only part of my intro. about myself and I won't talk any more about this kind of thing. I read the rules. If that's too much for you, please just delete those 2 little paragraphs about my personal philosophy. I consider them a big part of me, which is why I mentioned them in my intro. about myself. It just let's people know a bit about me. But one question I would have to any moderator, if someone PM's us (not publicly, which I'm not sure how to tell the difference yet), but if someone PMed me to discuss something like that, are we allowed to discuss that in PM's? I'm not here to try to convert anyone to my views but I often enjoy having a philosophical discussion with someone who enjoys such things if they want to bring up the subject.

Hi everyone. I am quite glad I stumbled upon this forum! I mostly signed up to this forum to find out if I must root my Coby Kyros MID7048 7" running Android ICS 4.0.3 in order to make phone calls on it, and also if a Kyros comes with a mobile number pre-installed so that I can enter it on in order to use their locate tablet security features. I hope that's not advertising but from what I've come across online already for my Android, there are many companies who offer such services, and Lookout just happens to be the one I picked to use. Not saying it's better than anything else or trying to advertise it...not even sure if it works for what I want it to yet.

I honestly don't really know what it means to root my Kyros MID7048, so that should give u an idea of my general tech skills. I'm pretty good with PCs (I know enough to understand that u can never fully get rid of malware on Windows XP...don't hate on me, as I learned it from a PowerPoint by Microsoft's security guy who used to run yell at him, not me). This is my first experience with a tablet, and so far, I really like it. I want to see a Retina display, but so far the Kyros has been everything I want it to be, with the exception of not being recognized on Google Play store.

Other than that, I am looking to start in the insurance business after recently receiving my insurance license.
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Hello Luke,

Congratulations on your new Coby MID7048 and welcome to the forum. Nice to have you as a member of Android Tablets. I see from your other post, you've already discovered the place to ask questions regarding your tablet.

As to the "philosophical and spiritual" portion of your thread, I had to remove it since it was a clear violation of forum rule #1 and it's intent. If someone chooses to contact you and discuss that sort of thing via PMs that would remain between the two of you, since PMs are Private Messages. Keep in mind, a personal message can be reported to the forum staff just as any post can be. If that should happen, the forum staff is notified and would take whatever action is deemed necessary.

Enjoy your new tablet and the forum,