Steps for factory reseting a Q8 7" Android 4.0 Tablet PC


Apr 1, 2013
OK! Lets just say that getting to the bottom of this issue has taken longer than needed. My nephew received an Android 4.0 Q8 7" Tablet PC for completing a tutoring program. Kudos to him! The sad part is now he has gotten a new tablet for his birthday and I have gotten the old. He doesn't remember the password to unlock and for some reason all of the hard-factory reset options I have tried do not work.

Can someone please tell me how to reset this tablet before I go crazy. I've tried holding down the down volume key while pressing the power on button for 5 sec. I have also tried holding down both the up & down volume buttons at the same time while turning on the table. Lastly, I have also tried turning on the power button then holding down the down volume button and none of these have worked

The most progress I have made is some how getting it to go into safe mode, but even then I never get to the android reset screen.

Thanks in advance for any help!

K' :confused: