Sub $50 Sakshat Tablets Coming Soon


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Dec 15, 2009

The Indian government has offered support for a project that aims at creating a very cheap tablet as a response to all the high tech tablets available on the market. The low price tablet is expected to hit the stores soon and it appears it will cost only $35, IndiaTimes reports.

The tablet has been codenamed ”Sakshat” and it should land on the market in just two weeks’ time. Sakshat will run Linux and is manufactured by HCL Technologies. The tablet will offer a 7-inch display, inbuilt keyboard and one front-facing camera. Under the hood there will be a 32GB hard drive and another 2GB RAM. Wi-Fi, two USB ports, Open Office support, SciLab and Internet browsing support are also available.

It has been established by government decision that 10,000 Sakshat tablets will first be sent to the Indian Institute of Technology in Rajasthan towards the end of June. More than 90,000 units will be launched in the next four months and customers will be able to buy the tablet for Rs 2,200, roughly $49.

The initial plan of the government was to offer the tablet for a price tag of $35. The tablet is part of government’s plans to reduce illiteracy in a country where 25% of Indians are illiterates.
Students will receive a subsidy of 50%, which means they will only pay $25 for a tablet. Of course, potential customers should not expect to benefit from a high-tech tablet at this price. It is clear that a low price tag is a double-edged sword which limits the tablets functionality.

By Radu Tyrsina


Nov 22, 2010
Anyone reading this article on this site already has a pretty good idea what the use experience is going to be like on a fifty-Dollar tablet.
My guess is that they be of limited usability.

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