Successfully using my Droid X as a hot spot for my SuperPad!


Jan 19, 2011
Last night I was successful with using my Verizon Droid X as a hot spot for my tablet. Now I can surf anywhere I have a cell signal! :cool:

Congrats! How about writing up or referring to where you found out how to do it and sharing it with the rest of your forum?
Steps I took to accomplish this...

On my Droid X:
1 ) I set up the 3G hotspot app with security as recommended.
2) Installed and configured "Dazzle Configurable" from the Market. Configured it with the toggle for "Cellular Radio".

On my Tablet:
I configured the WIFI to see the Droid X network.
Open a browser and browse to any web page. I am re-directed to the Verizon sales page where it asks me to purchase the hot spot data package for my plan. (do not purchase)

On the Droid X:
I toggle off and then back on the cell radio using the Dazzle app.

On the Tablet:
Tray again to browse the web, and it now works, even though I did not purchase the plan, and did not accept any terms, etc.

These steps are not mine. I got them from the Droid X forums at Droid X Hacks - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum

How did you configure the wifi on your tablet to see it? I'm guessing you did an ad-hoc fix? I'd really like to know how to do that

Nope. Nothing special on my tablet. Just selected the Droid X from the available networks and entered the WEP key.

Are you guys paying the hot spot fee through your carries?

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Yes... Not had to pay, though... Never been prompted to accept anything, nor have I called anyone to add it to the account...

Well, then maybe the hot spot is not acting like an ad hoc, because it sure does see it. When you go to the network setup screen on the tablet, it shows the droid x right there. Tap it, and it gives the option to forget, or connect. Tap connect, and in about 10 seconds, it is up and says connected. Can go to the market, browse pages with a browser, etc...