Superpad i7


Feb 9, 2012
Hello all. I am new here and new to the tablet world... I purchased a Superpad Flytouch III. The box it came in just says Superpad i7. Here is my issue... This tablet wa working great for about 2 weeks. The battery indicated low so I plugged it into the charger. I grabbed the tablet on my way into work the other day. When I turned it on I got the initial ANDROID logo in the center of the screen, lower right says then a penguin in the upper left corner, followed by ANDROID in small white letters tward the lower left then a blank lit screen. It has a home / power rocker on the right top, and a large square butto on the front. I've tried the factory reset with no avail. It also has 2 usb one being a mini , a SD slot, power and headphone jack. I did open it up and the chip is a infotomic. Any help would be awesome. I would like to get it working again.