Tablet advice


Sep 27, 2010
After a bit of advice on what pad/tablet to get as there seems to be a plethora of options out there.

Although I'm not worried about the screen size, I'm after something that can play flash, has the android marketplace and ideally multi touch, but it seems I may well be asking for to much.

Ideally it would have tv out/hdmi and accelerometer, but as I'm already struggling with my basics, this could be asking for way to much.

Any pointers greatly appreciated.
The only tablet that can play flash right now is the Wits A81E, but that one does not have multi-touch nor an accelerometer. On the other hand the Moonse M7001 has an accelerometer and 2-point touch...but no Flash support. Right now there is no shanzai tablet that fits all needs...but I do expect for that to change. On the other hand..if you are willing to spend more monet, the Samsung Tab has everything.
Thanks for the tip regarding the Samsung Galaxy tablet, I wasn’t aware of it. Certainly looks pretty good specs, although the pre order price on is similar, if not more than the ipad, which is a bit disappointing.

As flash is the real swing vote, it looks like the A81E is the one to get.........or I bide my time and wait.