New to Tablets - Looking for Advice


Aug 25, 2013
I'm going to bite the bullet soon and get a tablet for the first time.

I am looking for a number of things mainly:

  • 3G or/and 4G potential (4G not essential)
  • Ideally a 10" screen
  • Sockets so can expand storage, add usb, add monitor, add keyboard
  • Download videos from youtube (I used to use easyyoutube downloader on firefox)
  • Send CV's (My CV is in Microsoft Word although I could send it in pdf or another Word compatible format so it doesn't mess up its original format)

The ASUS FonePad looks the closest but it is 7".

This may be a very simple/basic question but if the tablet is 3G can it be used without 3G i.e. without a mobile provider and is therefore wifi only and also overseas?

Many thanks for any advice.
Welcome to the forum!

Most tablets (so long as they are not purchased from a wireless provider) can be used without the 3G/4G. Even if you do, you can turn off mobile data and use it as WiFi only.

I have the original Asus Transformer (TF101) WiFi only. Personally, I am not willing to buy a tablet with 3G built in as there are not many with that option. I started out using a 4G MiFi hotspot and then ended up getting one of those share everything plans so I just use my hotspot on my iPhone to tether to my tablet when I need internet out and about.

That is my 2 cents.

Also, be aware of some tablets are carrier locked. The TF300TG (TF300T with 3G) is carrier locked to AT&T. Asus will not unlock it, so if you don't want to use AT&T, you are out of luck.
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