Tablet for diary function and web, typing abilty a must - Recomendations Please?


Dec 2, 2010
Hi All,

I've been researching Android tablets for a week or so and I have to say it's more complex than I anticipated (and I've got a technical electronics background :)). It seems that the current state of play is that there are numerous generic cheap tablets available of varying quality and a couple of higher end tablets starting to appear, the Android OS doesn't seem to be very mature yet and chances are that in 1-2 years things will have stabilised, support will be more consistent and hopefully pricing will drop on the good quality brand name devices.

The tablet is for my wife who will use it as a diary/organiser and a web browser, unlikely she will play videos etc but could play the odd game so in summary:

- Good touch screen response for typing on qwerty keyboard.
- Reasonable processor speed (it will irritate her too much otherwise :))
- Doesn't require too much hacking (I can do this to set up but day to day use must be easy for her)

I know for the touch screen capacitive would be ideal but this means spending $300+ and I'm not too keen on that as I don't think the market is sufficiently mature, I would rather buy cheap now <$200 and upgrade in 1-2 years.

I've been considering the Wits A81E+ but all recommendations appreciated.




Nov 11, 2010
well for less than 200 you don't have too many options. Capacitive screen wise the wopad 7'' capacitive might be your best bet. It is at your limit but it has what you need it seems. Other than that I would say the A81-e or g or the Apad 710

here is the link to the wopad
Wopad WR701Rockchip 600MHz android 2.1 Capacitive Multitouch Metal Case

just be aware it is a pre-order so who knows for sure when you will get it.


Staff member
Sep 24, 2010
It is only JUST sub $300, but I would also look at the Huawei S7. Although it has a resistive screen, it is by far the most responsive one there is. It currently runs 2.1.1, but Huawei has stated they will be releasing 2.2 in Q1-2011.

Good luck.