I wanna buy a cheap android tablet, what should i buy?


Jan 21, 2011
I want to buy a cheap android tablet. (chinese)
it should have android 2.+
7 inch
It should be able to play games (i don't know why some tablets wouldn't be able to, but i've read that some cant play games)
I should be able to make my own games for it. (i can program)
preferable, it would have the typical 4 android buttons.
capacitive touch screen
My price range is about 100-200+ euros/dollars.

I've been looking for days now, but there are so many of them, and so many stores, that don't seem completely trustworthy, that I don't know what device i should pick.

I've been surfing for hours the past days to look for a right one.

this one for example:
But i've heard it can't play games. (does that mean, it's too slow for games, or that it actually will not open the file?)
a downside is also that it doesn't have the 4 android buttons.

and is ankakadotcom a reliable site? and what about wholesaleonepiecedotcom?

I've heard there is a relatively good quality samsung galaxy tab clone comming.
Maybe I'll wait for that one?

Thanks a lot in advance.
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Have you had a look at the archos site? ARCHOS
Those are nice tablets. And a lot more dependable than those chinese clones.