Tablet for Lyrics


Dec 25, 2010

I am thinking about getting an android tablet but if you can tell me if im gonna be able to do what i need;)

I am musician and have around 25 000 lyrics in txt format (can be converted in any other format)
is there app available which is gonna index all lyrics so i will be able to search by name, content (body) and then easily, open it up. i need this ti be fast ;)

thank you
that seems like too big a project for a simple app to handle it, if you had used a data base to organize your lyrics, then what I can suggest is to get yourselves a web portal, some ISP offer data base such as mysql etc. so you have space in the "cloud" to host all your lyrics, and you can index or do whatever you think is the best way to handle it; then with a tablet you can get to any of the lyric where-ever or whenever you want.

problem might be that most bars i play at will not have wifi available,...

this is simply done in windows with native file indexing so i thought it will be even possible on android,... i guess not ;(
You can use quick office to search for words in a word file I just tried it so you could probably make that work for what you want

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Sound much better ;) Thank you for your effort to test this for me.

Is it possible that you can make several different files to test that and is it possible to search .txt format too?

thank you
Well I'm still on holiday vacation so what I can do is limited but when I get back I can test it more

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i really appreciated this!

simply i need to do what can be easily achieved on PC with Windows Search,... search trough 20k TXT files (body, name,..)

i have an idea.

make an folder in your sd card(named lyrics)
then in this folder all the folders with diffrent genres,
in those folders with artist names,
and in thos word text files with the song title.

It would take a while,
but then you have it perfect and cann easy search through your sd card for names of songs or artist
with the search app above and a welll sortated folder direction like i said, you would find your stuff in seconds
Sweet thanks xaueious that looks good

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While this can be done easily with commandline, I do not know of an app that is readily available.

Contents search app: aGrep - Android app on AppBrain
Astro or ES File Manager can search by filename I think.

Looks like that its!

Thank you guys a lot!

Now i have an old HTC Touch(Vogue) with Andriod on it, ill try this and other recommendations and the i guess if all is ok ill be buying tablet ;)