tablet that compairs to droid x2


Nov 26, 2011
With a n2a card, you can boot the Nook Color as an android 2.3 tablet. It will run Netflix and angry birds.

There are several hackers selling the cards pre-made or you can learn to make it yourself. If you buy one, they are $35-50ish. A refurbed NC may run $120-150ish. The best part about a dual boot NC is that when you remove the card, it's an ordinary NC. If you can't find a tablet on sale in your budget, this would be your next best choice.

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Ok thanks! Ya I like the Acer specs best but for the price if I can get what I want with the nook I will probably go with that one...have you had a look at the dell streak 7 ? Its around 160


Dec 19, 2010
Yes. I ordered two of them from Best Buy on Thanksgiving. I also ordered an Acer a100. I haven't been able to play much with them yet. They just arrived Wednesday. They're my kids' Christmas presents. I was going to get Nook Colors if I wasn't able to get these before they sold out.

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