Ebay tablets okay to buy? ??


Nov 26, 2011
Ok so I'm new to the tablets. My son is 9 and I want to get him a tablet for Xmas. I was going to get him the10 inch mini laptop but now I'm thinking tablet...I don't wanna spend more than 100-120. I've for a bunch on ebay the brand is MID 8 in and 7 in both say 2. Os Android and Google...he want to use to surf the web, play games, YouTube, facebook and watching Netflix...so I'm wondering if these are any good the cheap tablets...an do u get the actual android market...I have the Droid x2 and he loves it...if its like my phone it would def be perfect for him my phone is plenty fast...anyone point me in the right direction? ? Thank you
I won a refurbished galaxy tablet on ebay from my husband. Its a christmas present. When I got it I the mail I opened it up and played with it. Worked just fine :) I'm happy with my purchase!
it is like all things from ebay, caveat emptor.

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