Tablet to Control LG Smart TV Web Browser


May 13, 2011
Hi all.

I'm considering buying my first ever tablet. I only intend to use it as a wireless web browsing control interface for my LG Smart TV. The LG STV system is very much like Google Smart TV. As I understand it, both use Android based software & devices. This link provides a good overview of the LG STV. ::: LG Apps TV :::

Additionally, although it discusses tablet control of a Google Smart TV device (Harmony Revue STB) using an Archos 7, the attached link illustrates the kind of thing I'm trying to accomplish - frankly much better than I could ever describe it.

Does anyone here know of a way, or have any ideas, to do some thing like this using an inexpensive wireless tablet? If so, please let me know. As a complete newbie to tablets, your help will be very much appreciated.

Best regards, Richard
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Nov 11, 2011
If you only want to type URLs into the address line of the build in WEB browser of your TV, search on Google or in Wikipedia, then the cheapest way to save the Smart TV Keyboard ( URL as a favourite and open that page first when you want to browse the net. The page makes it possible to enter any character by pressing two numbers subsequently on your remote control device. This approach is much faster then the original mechanism provided by LG for example, additionally it is free. The solution might work on other smart TVs as well...
Nevertheless, if you want to speed up text input in YouTube or other smart applications then a corresponding Android application like LG TV Remote would do the job for you.
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