LG Smart TV Keyboard App


May 13, 2011
This TV has a nice web browser capability but entering text for URL's or web searches is a real pain in the butt. LG expects owners to use either a Wii type RF mouse or their IR remote to type the text on an "on-screen" keyboard. It can be done, but it's cumbersome, slow & prone to typing errors.

So I'm looking for an app to install on my Android 2.2 tablet which can be used along with a wire connected USB keyboard to wirelessly enter the on-screen text. Over simplifying; I would type on the USB keyboard which would then send the commands by wireless to the TV keyboard display. This is currently being done on Samsung or Sony Smart TVs as well as some set top boxes. The TV itself is not compatible with a wired USB keyboard.

Your suggestions &/or ideas will be much appreciated.

Best regards, Richard