Tablet with 3G - Struggling to find one?


Dec 15, 2010
Hi all,

Great forums :)

I'm struggling to find a good tablet with built in 3G??

Not sure why this is but I really need it, or the ability to put in some sort of SDHC card which takes a SIM/3G? I don't want a pad that works with a 3G USB dongle as I do not want something sticking out of the side.

My other requirements:

Capacitive screen not bothered about size [over 7"]
Good screen resolution
Good CPU/RAM spec [800mhz minimum and 512mb ram]
Android Marketplace
Rootable [I think]
WiFi [N would be great but G would do]
HDMI output
Good video playback and 3D game play.
Camera is a bonus but not required.
GPS is a big plus.
2.2 is preferred OS.

Any help would be great :]]]

Thank you.
Malata is coming out with a bunch of tablets that fit your requirements next year. You can custom order a Malata T2 with your requirements, but the last time I heard they did not take single unit orders as of right now.

Only the Galaxy Tab fits your description. I guess no one answered because it was obvious.
I would recommend taking a serious look at the Huawei S7 at Best Buy. The current model does not have capacitive (coming next model), but it does have hands down the best resistive screen out there. Also, it currently has 2.1, but again the next version will. It does have all the other features you asked for, and is stellar as a cell phone, running on GSM and wCDMA.

There are also several developers out there that are very close to bringing 2.2 to the device, and we will be seeing it from Huawei early next year. It really is a very strong device, and is priced under $300.