TC970 Would Not Turn On (Battery Depleted) ... but a Stronger (2amp) Charger Worked


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Mar 16, 2014
I was having a BIG problem with my Le Pan TC970. Tablet had warned me when its battery was depleted and I had shut it down and put it on my charger (which had always worked fine before). This time however the tablet would not start up at all, even after sitting for around 8 hours on my charger. No life (would not even turn on, and the "reset" button did not fix the issue). So I did some research online, and found somewhere that using a "stronger" charger which is intended specifically for tablets might work. Had to research what "stronger" meant, but I eventually determined that a 2amp charger with a single USB port might do it, as most ordinary aftermarket chargers deliver only 1amp to the USB port. Sure enough, I bought a 12 watt/2.4 amp charger (Rocketfish brand) and the tablet started up immediately when I used it instead. Charging time seems faster also. Be careful about using a dual (2 USB port) 2amp charger as these sometimes still deliver only 1amp to each of the 2 USB ports.


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Jun 16, 2012
That's odd advice as the device should only draw what it needs. For example, if the USB only requires 1 amp, you could throw a 10 amp charger at it and it would still only draw 1 amp. Since Ohm's law rules regarding amperage, based upon your description Le Pan underrated the amperage of the port, especially if the tablet appears to charge more quickly than expected.