Q701 based on CrownHo A10 Battery problems


Apr 25, 2012
Hello all, I am new to this forum. I currently own a Ainol Novo 7 Elf, my problem is the Q701 tablet I purchased for my son. Everything is perfect BUT the battery life and charging. The battery drain is very quick. 2 hours tops and battery is almost flat. When charging by port I only get 99% and once I unplug the charger the battery level drops to 98% in the first minute and continues it's slide. Another major problem is charging by USB port. The unit is excessively hot, I feel this will cause a fire if I leave it plugged in over night.
I am thinking of 2 solutions.
Buy a another battery and drop it into the Q701 and hope this works. I was thinking of buying a battery for the Ainol elf because the tablet size is very similar and use that on the Q701 tablet. Does anyone know what the charger voltage should be on the Q701 tablet. It is 5v/2amp charger and the tablet never gets to 100%. On the other hand my ainol tablet charger is 5v/2amp and works well for the ainol. Pins are different size. I know there are some tablets that require 9 volts and I wonder if the Q701 is one of them.
Solution 2 is to remove the battery toss in the freezer and see if this recovers the battery status. (not in favour of this, seems like a hope and prayer)
Any help would be appreciated.
Also anyone know of the battery spec of the Q701 and Ainol Elf? Thanks