TCC89XX Telechips Problem Solved


Mar 1, 2014
So you saw my previous thread no well let me enlighten you I had a Hw Md 8702-SN-6 tablet that was working but only running on the 512mb nand no sd card was readable and the SCSI 1 , 2 ,3 were not accessible ( drives had been formatted raw and were unreadable).
But thanks to a marvellous free program I found Parted magic I was able to access the drives reformat and now have a fully functioning tablet, I recommend this program to sort out any drive problems you may have . I found it easy to use and even a pleasure to use as just an ordinary Linux os to search web with. The program boots from a USB and the easy to use Universal USb installer, made making the bootable usb a snitch. This left only one problem to solve and that was getting my computer to recognize the tablet in the device manager, although the disks were present the android recognition was not. This was cured by downloading the Google android drivers, the computer instantly recognized my tablet ( a big problem I see from most threads on here with TCC89XX chips) and the rest as they say was history.

I am already looking on ebay for another spares or repair tablet with problems to have a bash at, with the help of this forum, and the wonderful internet ( ahem clears throat ? ) I am looking for a Scroll essentials 2 with a broken screen to rob the circuit board. any one have one at the right price then contact me on [email protected]
Have a good day guys regards Rowkesh ;)
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