Tether for internet access?


Mar 3, 2011
Has anyone seen any program that would allow me to use my phone as a tethered access point to get to the internet without rooting my phone? I have tried PDAnet though that requires a pc

Thank you for any help.
I have the same question, I just ordered a Kyros 7015, Used it before and rooted it for a friends, so thought i would get myself 1 =], my question is, i have a samsung impression, and i can tether it via usb very easy. Just plug it in and its all good and i have 3g on my laptop everywhere. I saw that the kyros has a usb port, can i use my phone to get 3g on it?
Sorry about that. I was replying between phone calls. Kyros is rooted 2.1 and EVO is unrooted 2.2
Android 2.2 on evo should have wifi tethering as a built in feature, if its blocked check out wifi tether in the market. I have no idea for the blackberries, usually you need blackberry desktop manager installed to tether.

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I use quick settings app on my unrooted optimums s to use the locked wifi option. So you could try the quick settings app it can be found in the market.

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Well I have tried the QuickSettings app, no go. All the WiFi tethering programs I am finding require root access on my EVO. I would rather not root my EVO because of the warranty.

Am I missing something?

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